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    Breatheshield 120GSM Roof Membrane - 1m x 50m

    Manufacturer: BreatheShield
    First class resistance to water penetration, for warm and cold roof construction, vapour permeable.
    SKU: BS12050
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    The Breath shield breathable roof membrane allows roofs to breathe, negating the requirement for traditional ventilation. It is suitable for use as a full supported or unsupported underlay beneath tiled or slated pitched roofs, in warm or cold non-ventilated and ventilated roofs.

    Applicable to Zones 1, 2 & 3:

    A breather membrane is a water-resistant material which will allow water vapour to pass through when there is a difference in humidity on opposite sides of it. Breather membranes are used on the outside of frame walls or roof under the exterior finished material such as Wall Cladding & Roofing tiles. They have three functions to perform.

    1. to shed moisture and restrict any rain water which penetrates past exterior finish from reaching the wall or inner rood space
    2. to perform as a breather material allowing moisture within the wall cavity or roof space to escape by diffusion through the membrane to the exterior, and
    3. to act as a wind barrier to restrict movement of air through the wall or roof.

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