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    Einhell 3.0AH 18V Battery & Charger Starter Kit

    Manufacturer: Einhell Power Tools
    The Einhell Power-X-Change Starter Kit contains: 1 x 18 Volt 3.0Ah Power-X-Change Li-ion Battery & 1 x 18V Power-X-Change Li-ion Charger.
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    The Einhell Power-X-Change Starter Kit, contains the following:

    1 x 18 Volt 3.0Ah Power-X-Change Li-ion Battery that features a 7-in-1 ABS: Active Battery Management System and a 3-Step LED battery control. The microprocessor controls key parameters like temperature, voltage and even a deeply discharged battery can be charged in repair mode which offers a long working battery life. The high quality Li-ion battery cells provide nearly no self discharge and the rubber coated housing gives high impact protection and a high grip. It also has a recessed grip that ensures good ergonomic handling.

    Battery Type: Li-ion.
    Voltage Supply: 18 Volt.
    Battery Capacity: 3,000 mAh.
    Product Weight: 0.4kg.

    1 x 18V Power-X-Change Li-ion Charger that features a 6-step charging condition display and is ready for wall-fastening. The charger uses an intelligent charging management system for long battery life (battery status will be constantly checked and accordingly loaded, deeply discharged batteries will be charged in repair mode).

    Input Power: 240 Volt.
    Output Voltage: 21 Volt.
    Charging Time: 1.5Ah: 30 Min, 3.0Ah: 60 Min, 5.2Ah: 130 Min.
    Weight: 0.5kg.

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