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    Faithfull 2 Piece Plastic Trestles / Saw horse

    Manufacturer: Faithfull Tools
    Available Instore Only* A pair of plastic trestles that fold flat for easy storage and transportation. The top features flip-up safety pegs to secure the workpiece and rubber inserts to prevent the workpiece slipping. Non-slip rubber feet.
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    Height: 82 cm (32.1/4in)
    Length: 57 cm (22.1/2in)
    Width: 3cm (1.1/4in)
    Maximum recommended capacity: 158kg (348lb) per pair.

    These trestles are designed to be used in pairs to support material to be worked on. Make sure work material overhangs by a safe amount.

    At no time should these trestles be used as a STEP LADDER or a STANDING WORK PLATFORM.

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