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    Faithfull 6 Piece SDS+ Chisel and Drill Bit Set

    Manufacturer: Faithfull Tools
    This combination set of SDS+ drills and chisels is the ideal set for anyone who has a 3 Mode SDS+ drill. The drill bits will fit in any SDS+ drill and the chisels will work on machines with the ‘chisel only’ mode.
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    SDS+ drills are extremely common now. The difference between the SDS+ drill system and a normal drill is the chuck. This is designed to receive drill bits and chisels with the ‘grooved and fluted’ shanks. These click into the chuck to create a much stronger grip than a traditional style chuck. These drills are commonly used by builders, tradesmen and even DIY’ers for a variety of tasks, and are extremely efficient for undertaking tasks such as removing tiles or plaster from walls or breaking masonry and concrete.

    This useful six piece set contains a popular mix of drill bits and chisels. There are four drill bits (5.5, 7, 8 and 10mm diameters) to cover some of the most commonly required hole sizes in the building and construction industry, along with two widths of chisel which are used for light demolition, channelling, or the removal of plaster, render or tiles.

    This set is neatly housed in a storage roll that keeps all of the bits safe and easy to find when they are not in use.

    Contents & Features

    • Four popular SDS+ drill bits 5.5 x 160, 7 x 160, 8 x 210, 10 x 210mm.
    • Two popular flat chisels: 20mm wide x 250mm long, 40mm wide x 250mm long.
    • Bit roll for compact and safe storage.
    • Drill bits can be used with any SDS+ drill.
    • Chisels are for use with 3 Mode SDS+ drills or machines which have a chiselling (rotation stop) function.

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