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    Faithfull Country Digging Fork

    Manufacturer: Faithfull Tools
    Available instore only* The Faithfull Countryman Digging Fork is mainly used where a large patch of open ground requires digging or turning over. Overall length: 1050mm.
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    With a treaded top to spread the load reducing fatigue and help avoid footwear damage. The head is manufactured from heat treated (hardened) carbon steel to provide both strength and durability. Powder coated finish provides improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalines in the soil.

    Fitted with a double riveted, European Ash handle supplied from FSC® sustainable resources. These are then lacquered for protection against the weather and fitted with an ergonomic soft grip. The angled hilts have been designed so that the hand remains in a natural position. This helps to reduce strain on the hand and wrist and sets the blade at the ideal digging angle to reduce back strain.

    The Countryman Range has been designed for the gardener who requires a tool they can rely on to provide years of dependable service.

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