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    Spare Saw Blades

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    Faithfull Coping Saw Blades - Pack of 10

    The teeth configuration on coping saw blades is specifically designed to ensure smooth and fast cutting especially when making turns to follow contours, and cutting shapes.

    Bahco Coping Saw Blades (5 Pack)

    Bahco spare blades for 301 coping saw. Made of hardened and tempered carbon steel. The fine teeth are ideal for wood cutting.

    Faithfull Hacksaw Blades - 300mm

    These bi-metal hacksaw blades are virtually unbreakable. The toothing suitable for most materials, ie, aluminium, copper, brass, steel and cast iron. Available in either 18 tpi or 24 tpi and supplied two on a card.

    Faithfull Junior Hacksaw Blades - Pack of 10

    These blades fit most junior hacksaws and mini saws. They provide an efficient way to cut metal and plastics.

    Faithfull Replacement Bowsaw Blade

    Peg tooth bowsaw blade for general cutting work in dry wood, and green wood suitable for gardeners, builders, farmers and D.I.Y. Suitable for use in most types of bowsaw in the UK market.

    Stanley Fatmax Bi Metal Hacksaw Blades - Pack of 5

    Bi Metal, Snap-Resistant Construction. Up To 3 Times Sharper And 15 Times Longer Life Compared To Standard Carbon Steel Blades.