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    HB24 Eco-Foil Silicone Applicator Caulking Gun - 400ml

    Manufacturer: HB42
    HB42 Eco-Foil Silicone Gun is an extremely strong gun for life. Easy to load up, clean and re-use. It will also take plastic sealant cartridges as well as foils. Recommended use with HB42 Eco-Foil Ultimate Universal Sealant & Adhesive.
    SKU: HB42FG400
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    About HB42:

    HB42 is a high performance premium brand of Sealants, Adhesives, Solvents, Fillers and similar products used by professional builders and decorators. HB42, by Hilton Banks, was conceived from an ever increasing demand to supply high-end sealants at sensible prices. HB42 has quickly gained a reputation for producing products that outperform its rivals by undertaking extensive market research into the latest manufacturing technologies, using only the highest quality materials.

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