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    Lufkin Shockforce Dual-Sided Tape 8m/26ft (Width 30mm)

    The Crescent Lufkin® Shockforce Tape has a matt nylon blade that provides extended product life and glare reduction.
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    The blade is dual-sided, with a vertical quick-read scale on the underside for overhead and hard-to-reach measurements. It offers an impressive unassisted standout of 4.3m (14ft).

    Fitted with a diamond-coated end hook that grabs material from every direction and prevents slippage.

    Narrow blade technology offers reduced weight, ideal when carrying a tape all day on the job site. Its optimised drum and spring design are contained within a compact case that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. A steel tether point offers increased safety capability when working at height and if you drop the tape it will survive a fall of up to 100ft. The steel tether point can also be used for scribing and drawing arcs during layout.

    This Crescent Lufkin® Shockforce Dual-Sided Tape has metric and imperial measurements.

    Length: 8m/26ft
    Blade Width: 30mm
    Accuracy: EC Class II

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