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    MyGlow 3D Light Roses

    These stunning MyGlow 3D LED lamps have to be seen to be believed - the pictures just don't do them justice! The thin wireframe panel becomes a beautiful illuminated 3D shape when connected to a power source.
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    They have a white base and LED lights which illuminate the pane in seven different colours (Blue, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Red, White and Yellow). The panes are interchangeable - meaning that if you have a pane from an earlier model of MyGlow night light, it will fit this one.

    Ideally suited for use in children's bedrooms, grown-up bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms, snugs, hallways - or any room where a subtle amount of light would be beneficial. Made with energy-efficient LED technology meaning they can help to reduce our carbon footprint and can also produce cost savings of up to 70% over traditional low energy (10w) lamps or nightlights. They are also cool to touch

    • 7 colours: Blue, Green, Light Blue, Purple, Red, White & Yellow!
    • Cycle through colours automatically or with a tap of a finger.
    • Great in children's bedrooms
    • Includes mains adapter (UK three-pin)
    • Lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours
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