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    Nilfisk Alto (Kew) Compact Induction Motored 135 BAR High Pressure Washer 240V

    Manufacturer: Nilfisk
    The Kew Nilfisk Alto C135.1-8i Pressure Washer is a compact machine ideal for small to medium sized areas. Fitted with a powerful induction motor for all types of outdoor cleaning tasks. It uses the Click & Clean nozzle system which ensures quick and easy change of nozzle. Comes complete with hose storage hook, a metal pump head and an 8m high-pressure hose.
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    Features include on-board storage for the gun, lance, nozzles, cable and hose. The standard Nilfisk bayonet coupling on the G3 gun ensures compatibility to all of the Nilfisk consumer accessories range. It has a reliable and long-lasting air cooled universal motor, aluminium pump head and auto start/stop. Quick connection of hose with integrated swivel function and hose storage hook.
    It can also be operated from a standing water source such as a water butt tap.

    Standard Accessories:

    1 x 8m High-Pressure Hose
    1 x Hose Storage Hook
    1 x G3 Low Pressure Gun Handle
    1 x Click&Clean Extension Lance
    1 x Click&Clean Pressure Regulating Full Control Nozzle
    1 x Click&Clean Foam Sprayer & Bottle
    1 x 5m Mains Supply Cable
    1 x Nozzle Jet Cleaning Tool


    Max. Pressure: 135 bar
    Flow Rate: 440 L/hr.
    Motor: 1,700W
    Max. Water Feed Temperature: 40°C
    Hose Length: 8m
    Weight: 17kg

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