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    Roughneck 1.4kg/3lb Gorilla Mini Sledge Hammer

    Manufacturer: Roughneck Tools
    Roughneck Gorilla Mini Sledge Hammers feature a unique shape for outstanding versatility and performance.
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    The domed striking point exerts concentrated force for more effective demolition, while the extra large striking face reduces misstrikes. Also features side striking faces for use on wooden fence posts.

    Drop forged from high carbon steel, with induction hardened striking faces for extreme strength and durability. Mounted on a compression fitted, solid fibreglass core handle with a shock absorbing grip for added strength and comfort.

    • Dome-shaped point
    • Extra large face
    • 45ᵒ chamfered edges
    • Fence post striking face x2
    • Solid fibreglass core
    • Compression fit handle
    • Drop forged
    • Lanyard hole
    • Shock absorbing grip
    • Induction hardened
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