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    Roughneck Ultimate Mortar Gun Plus 10 Nozzles

    Manufacturer: Roughneck Tools
    The highly versatile Roughneck® Ultimate Mortar Gun offers 7 applications in just 1 gun. Suitable for use with mortar, grout, adhesive, sealant, cartridges, foil packs and bulk material.
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    Heavy duty ratchet and high thrust ratio make it ideal for high viscosity substances, applying consistent pressure for greater accuracy and control.

    • Heavy duty ratchet mechanism
    • Thrust ratio 16:1
    • 750ml Aluminium barrel

    1x Ultimate mortar gun
    1x Mortar nozzle (large)
    1x Mortar nozzle (small)
    1x Mortar nozzle (straight)
    1x Mortar nozzle (angled)
    2x Standard nozzle
    1x Foil pack adaptor
    2x Mortar plungers
    2x Standard plungers
    1x Spanner

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