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    Abus 707 Key Garage 4 Digit Combination Key Safe Lock Box

    Manufacturer: ABUS
    The ABUS KeyGarage™ 707 has a sturdy aluminium housing that protects/stores up to 7 keys, 4 key cards or smaller objects. Secured via a 4-digit code set using adjustment dials.
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    This code can be shared with individuals or groups, giving them access to the stored items. If needed the code can easily be changed. There is also a protective cover that protects the dials from the elements, ideal if the KeyGarage™ is mounted externally.

    The ABUS KeyGarage™ 707 is wall mountable and is supplied with a self-adhesive key hook that can be mounted inside the safe, allowing you to hold individual keys in place.


    Exterior Housing Dimensions: 88 x 129 x 39mm

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