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    Brick & Chalk Lines

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    Faithfull Brick Line Dispenser Reel with Hi-Vis Line 100m

    The Faithfull Brick Line Dispenser Reel comes with 100m of strong, hi-vis braided nylon building line.

    Faithfull Brick Line On Spool - 75 Metres

    The Faithfull Brick Line is stored on a rotating spool that doubles as a handle and incorporates a spike for pushing into soft earth when laying out. Supplied complete with 75m of strong polymer orange building line.

    Faithfull Line Blocks Plus 18m Line

    These robust L shaped plastic blocks are a simple tool which can be quickly adjusted under tension for length and height to ensure that courses of bricks are running straight and true.

    Faithfull Hi Vis Nylon Brick Line 105m (Pink/Yellow)

    Faithfull Hi-Vis Nylon Brick Line is ideal for general bricklaying and marking out. Braided nylon line is strong and flexible with less stretch than other types of line. It resists fraying and is also useful for a plumb line as it does not spin around like conventional twisted cord. Rot proof, waterproof, and resistant to mildew, dryness and heat. Fits the FAIBLDISPHD Brick Line Dispenser.

    Faithfull Cotton Chalk Line - 18m

    Faithfull Medium Cotton Chalk Lines are ideal for most applications in the building trade and can be used as chalk or brick lines. Length: 18 metres

    Faithfull Orange Poly Brick Line - 18m

    Faithfull orange polyethylene lines are normally used for giving a straight edge for laying bricks etc. Rotproof and waterproof Length: 18m