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    Bright Nails

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    Bright Annular Ring Shank Nails

    Has a thread on the shank for extra withdrawal resistance. Often used in the making of pallets or fastening floor sheets. Can be used for fastening MDF and plywood.

    Bright Cut Clasp Nails

    A traditional cut nail which provides a very strong grip. Used for rough fixing of timber to brick or blockwork, particularly skirting boards or wooden door frames.

    Bright Floor Brad Nails

    Used to fasten floorboards to joists. The head can easily be punched below the surface of the wood for a very strong grip.

    Bright Lost Head Nails

    The small head reduces timber deformation when punched below the surface. Being easily hidden, it is ideal for all wall, ceiling, flooring and built-in furnishing jobs.

    Bright Oval Wire Nails

    For general carpentry, the oval shank avoids splitting the wood when aligned with the grain. Oval head can be punched below the surface and the small hole filled. Used for door jambs, floor and skirting boards.

    Bright Panel Pins

    Ideal for lightweight and decorative jobs, for example fixing plywood parts to solid timber. Provided in a branded John George bag.

    Flat Head BZP Masonry Nails - Box of 100

    Hardened steel nails capable of being driven into masonry, concrete or brickwork. Ideal for fixing wall batten, picture or dado rails. Flat head.

    Bright Round Wire Nails

    Usually around 50mm of timber substrate is required to get a secure anchoring, although this will depend on the weight and thickness of what is being fixed. Manufactured to BS1202. Bright finish.