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    Bond It 1 Part Wood Filler - 250ml

    An easy to use, ready mixed, high quality, solvent-free filler, ideal for filling small imperfections (max 5mm depth) and covering the recesses left by nails and screws in wood. For general wood filling of window sills, frames, banisters, MDF and laminates, etc.

    Bond It Aluminium Foil Tape

    A self-adhesive, heat and light reflective tape suitable for use with duct systems on all types of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

    Bond It Cement Dye Powder - 1kg

    A range of easy-to-use, chloride-free permanent cement colourants. Manufactured with the best quality oxide pigments for permanently colouring all types of mortars cement, concrete and renderings.

    Bond It Duo 2 In 1 Wood Glue

    A fast drying, water-resistant, PVA wood adhesive with a bond strength stronger than the wood itself. For use as a general purpose, joinery adhesive, or for applications where long term resistance to moisture is a pre-requisite of the adhesive.

    Bond It Strong Brick Acid - 5 Litres

    A super strength (16% hydrochloric acid) cleaner that will remove cement and mortar splashes from brickwork, paving, concrete floors and warehouses. For removing cement and mortar splashes, light oil stains and grease from brickwork, paving, tiles, earthenware and concrete.

    Combination Airbrick 9" x 3" - Terracotta

    Robust airbrick ventilator ideal for use with cavity sleeves and the 1201 and 1201XL telescopic underfloor ventilators.

    Double Sided Butyl Joining Tape - 10m

    Butyl Tape is a high performance double sided butyl based sealant, used to form a moisture and airtight seal so ideal for sealing / repairing pond liners and roofing plastics

    Double Sided Galvanised Timber Connector - M12 x 2

    Designed to improve the performance of bolted connections, timber connectors are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 912:200 Type C6/C7 and produced from 1mm thick galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 DX51D +G275.

    Double Triangular Wall Ties Stainless Steel 300mm - Bundle of 250

    Double Triangular wall ties (double drip ) to BS 1243 Fig. 2 are manufactured from 4mm dia. Stainless steel wire.

    Everbuild Wallpaper Stripper - 500ml

    Wallpaper Stripper is a highly concentrated solution of surfactants designed to strip wallpaper fast. Dilute to make 4 gallons.