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    Ledlenser H8R Rechargeable LED Headlamp

    The Ledlenser H8R Rechargeable LED Headlamp offers up to 600 lumens of bright, crisp white light. The high-quality lithium-ion battery is fully rechargeable via the supplied USB cable and has a run time of up to 120 hours.

    Scan Collapsible Ear Defenders

    This lightweight Scan ear defender is suitable for general purpose use. It is effective in reducing noise levels, whilst still allowing the wearer to hear normal conversation. The soft and wide PVC ear cushions enhance comfort, and the adjustable cup height is designed to fit the majority of wearers. The defender is foldable for easy storage.

    Scan Foam Knee Pads

    These Scan kneepads are made from thick moulded foam and have elastic straps with hook & loop fastening. They provide comfort and protection and are ideal for laying carpet, laminate flooring, loft insulation, gardening, car maintenance etc.

    Portwest PS21 Chemical Goggles - Clear

    PS21 is an indirect ventilation goggle with acetate lens material, suitable for chemical use. Superior anti-fog treatment (marked N on the lens) and ultra soft frame ensure a comfortable wear for long working days.

    Portwest PW20 Direct Vent Goggle - Clear

    Designed to be worn in a tough work environment, this goggle is fitted with a flexible PVC frame for ultra light and comfortable wear. Direct Ventilation.

    Scan Corded Foam Ear Plugs SNR34 x 6 Pairs

    Made from soft energy absorbing polymer foam, which compresses and then expands for a perfect fit in the ear canal. Reduces sound levels to the ear drum while maintaining aural contact. With the benefit of attached cords to avoid dropping or loss and are visible in use.

    Scan Heavy Duty 3 Layer Gel Kneepads

    Part of Real Deals For You Special: XMS23KNEEPAD The Scan Gel Knee Pads provide protection to your knees when working in a kneeling position. Typical applications include kneeling on uneven surfaces, laminate flooring, roofing work, concrete screening, laying patios and general gardening work. These gel knee pads feature air injected technology and a comfortable gel foam padding that supports the knee, a stabiliser cap provides a comfortable and sturdy supported kneeling position.
    £34.99 £12.49

    Dickies Slide-in Knee Pads

    Lightweight knee pad inserts. One size.