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    Unifix General Purpose Chippy (CSK Pozi Passivated) Woodscrews

    Unifix General Purpose woodscrew incorporates cutting edge technology and features to optimise fixing timbers.
    From £0.89

    Unifix Twin Qwik Woodscrews

    Unifix woodscrews offer high performance and are popular in many trades and industries. For applications into softwood, hardwood, plastics and for use with wall plugs.
    From £1.05

    Vortex Exterior Woodscrews

    Designed to be used in hardwood and softwood this exterior screw is ideal for a range of external applications, including decking, roofing, and fencing.

    Unifix Organic Coated Decking Screws

    These Timber decking Wood Screws have a countersunk head and are coated for rust protection therefore used outside. Available in various sizes and pack sizes.
    From £4.99

    ForgeFix Spectre 1200 Piece Screw Selection & Organiser

    The ForgeFix Spectre™ Screw Set contains a selection of pozi compatible screws. These advanced multipurpose wood screws have a type 17 slash point, sawtooth to prevent splitting. With a zinc yellow passivated coating for corrosion resistance and a reamer to prevent jacking.

    Timberdrive Screws - 7G (Green)

    A heavy duty fixing that requires no pre-drilling. Suitable for many timber to timber applications.

    Stainless Steel Screws Grade A2 / 304

    Manufactured from A2 (Grade 304) stainless steel
    From £6.39

    Vortex Multi Purpose Power Screws

    The Vortex multi-purpose power screw is one the the most technically advanced screws on the market. It is excellent for use with hardwood, mdf and decking, wood to plastic and wood to sheet metal applications. Zinc and yellow plated for increased resistance to corrosion.
    From £1.69

    Forgefix 1100 Piece Spectre Advanced Screw Set

    Part of Real Deals For You Special: XMS23SCRWSET Spectre™ by Forgefix incorporates a long list of advanced screw features, often only found in premium screws, into what we've named advanced multi-purpose wood screws. They feature a countersunk, pozidrive compatible, recessed head. Fully threaded, up to 50mm, with a sawtooth thread, to prevent splitting and reamer to prevent jacking (50mm and above). They are also surface hardened with a quick start type 17 slash point.
    £24.99 £16.66

    ForgeFix Organiser Pro Multi-Purpose Screws ZYP - 1100 Screws

    The Forgefix OPMPS1100 assorted screw pack contains 1100 of the most popular sizes of single thread countersunk pozi screws.