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    DIN 125A Zinc Plated Washer

    Flat Round Light Duty Round Washer Bright Zinc Plated.

    Form A Grade A2 Stainless Steel Washer - M6/M8/M10

    Used with threaded fasteners (for example a bolt and a nut), designed to increase the load distribution.

    Unifix BZP Mudguard/Penny Washer

    Large diameter 'mudguard' washers. Bright zinc plated mild steel.

    Sealing roofing Washer M8 x 28mm - Bag of 100

    Works in conjunction with sela roofing caps. Creates a weatherproof seal when fitted. Will work with any M8 threaded fastener.

    M16 Heavy Round Washer BZP

    These washers, as the name suggests, are used in heavy duty applications.

    8mm Plastic "Spat" Roofing Washer - Bag of 100

    Black thermo-plastic roof seal washers provide an effective weather seal on fibre cement and metal sheeting. The washers are designed to exert ever increasing sealing pressure at the washer rim whilst the fixing is being tightened. Also known as Spat Washers.