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    Blue Spot Framing Square 24" x 16"

    The BlueSpot Tools Framing Square used for woodworking or roofing requirements. Calibrated in metric and imperial graduations.

    Bahco CS300 Combination Square - 300mm / 12in

    The Bahco sliding Combination Square has both metric and imperial markings on its ruler. Size: 300mm (12in)

    Faithfull Prestige Combination Square Twin Pack 150mm (6in) & 300mm (12in)

    A versatile tool for use in both woodworking and metalwork projects. It may be used as an internal and external try square, T-square slide, mitre square, vertical and horizontal level, depth and marking gauge.

    Faithfull 1200mm / 48" Folding Square

    Heavy-duty aluminium construction folding square with 90 and 45 degree angles for greater versatility.

    Faithfull 180mm Aluminium Quick & Easy Roofing Square

    The Faithfull Quick Roofing Square also known as a layout or angle square is designed to provide carpenters with a quick and accurate way to mark out for many building projects and is widely used when constructing roof rafters. Size: 7in

    Stanley Adjustable Quick Square 170mm (6.3/4in)

    The Stanley Adjustable Quick Square has a strong and durable construction. It has permanent markings and can be used as a bevel, protractor or saw guide.

    Stanley Dual Colour Quick Square 12" 300mm

    The Stanley Dual Colour Quick Square is made from extra thick ABS plastic that can withstand heavy-duty use. The large base provides a strong grip on materials, and the moulded-in, contrasting colour graduations improve readability.

    Faithfull 600mm / 24" Folding Square

    Heavy-duty aluminium construction folding square with 90 and 45 degree angles for greater versatility. Ideal for use when laying floors, patios and for other similar building work where measuring accuracy is a major consideration.

    Faithfull Combination Square 150mm & 300mm Twin Pack

    Faithfull Combination Squares can be used in both wood and metalworking applications. Each square features a high quality cast and machined sliding stock, fitted with a stainless steel rule engraved with both imperial and metric graduations, a spirit level and marking scribe.

    Stanley 1912 Etched Combination Square - 300mm

    This combination square has a cast iron stock and is therefore more robust for heavy-duty use. It is fitted with a level and scriber, and has graduations on both sides of blade in mm, 8th's and 16th's inches. Size: 300mm (12in)