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    Two Handed Axes

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    Roughneck Hollow Handle Axe 1.9kg (4.1/2 lb)

    The Roughneck Hollow Handle Axes are ideal for cutting and splitting wood. Made from hardened and tempered forge steel. The handle is made from fibre-reinforced, shatter-proof nylon that is lightweight, reducing fatigue over long periods of use. Fitted with ergonomic nylon handle with a non-slip grip surface for increased comfort.

    Roughneck Splitting Maul Fibreglass Handle 2.7kg (6 lb)

    Roughneck Splitting Maul is ideal for splitting wood and driving wedges. The unique anti-stick blade is designed for faster and easier splitting. Made from hardened and tempered drop-forged alloy steel with a solid core fibreglass handle and polypropylene cover.

    Fiskars A18 Solid Felling Axe - 1.5Kg

    Ideal for felling trees. Safe, undetachable axe head and shaft connection. Superior blade design for guaranteed sharpness. Ultralight and durable FiberComp™ shaft makes the axe virtually unbreakable.

    Roughneck Felling Axe Fibreglass Handle 2.3kg (5 lb)

    Roughneck Felling Axe has a drop-forged alloy steel blade that has been hardened and tempered for increased durability. Uses industrial grade epoxy for a longer-lasting bond.

    Roughneck 3 Piece Wood Cutting & Splitting Set

    The 3 Piece Roughneck Wood Cutting & Splitting Set contains a Splitting Maul, Hand Axe & Wood Grenade Splitting Wedge.