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    Galvanised Nails

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    Galvanised Clout Nails

    A popular large headed general purpose nail. The larger head stops any pull through on the material being fixed. Applications include securing roofing felt, wire fencing and roofing slates.

    Galvanised ELH Clout Nails - 500g Bag

    The extra large head makes them ideal for fastening plastic sheeting and non-ridged roofing felt.

    Galvanised Fence Staples

    Used in fencing for fixing netting and fencing wire to wooden posts. Standard cut point for economy.

    Galvanised Round Wire Nails

    A general purpose nail.

    Galvanised Spring Head Nails - 65mm

    Used for securing galvanised steel sheeting. The convex washer covers the hole made in the sheet by the shank of the nail. The twisted shank gives greater resistance to pull out created by the flexibility of roofing materials in windy conditions.

    Galvanised Square Twist Nails - 30mm

    For use with joist hangers and restraint straps. Can also be used for external cladding and/or felt. The twisted shank gives superior pull out resistance.

    JG Galvanised Drive Screws - 2.5kg Bag

    Easily driven, twist threaded nail best suited for wood joints with substantial lateral or racking loads. Recommended for fastening hard woods and end-grain wood without splitting. Used in conjunction with plastic roofing washers to secure corrugated sheeting.