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    Roofing Chemicals

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    Bond It Rubberised Bitumen Emulsion - 5 Litres

    A solvent-free, rubberised bitumen emulsion which dries to a tough, black coating providing a highly effective cold-applied, damp-proof membrane in sandwich constructions.

    Bond It All Weather Roofing Compound - 5 Litres

    A general purpose, high performance, waterproof coating suitable for use on mastic asphalt, roofing felt, corrugated iron, fibre/cement, slates, lead, copper, tin and zinc.

    Bond It Bitumen Paint - 5 Litres

    Bituminous black paint for the waterproofing and weather protecting of steelwork and concrete.

    Bond It Bitumen Primer - 5 Litres

    A quality grade, highly penetrative, bituminous solution for priming surfaces prior to the application of bituminous materials and flashing tapes.