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    Faithfull Auto-Lock Extension Pole 1.4m Closed

    Available in-store only* This extending pole features an anti-twist and auto-lock quick change system. The handle may be quickly adjusted to the ideal length for the user anywhere between 800 ā€“ 1400mm to achieve the perfect working angle to help avoid backache. Hanging hole for easy storage. This extending pole is designed to be used with the Faithfull FAIPATKIT Patio kit for cleaning and weeding patios, block paving and decking.

    Faithfull Auto-Lock Patio Steel Brush & Weeder

    An ideal kit for cleaning and weeding patios, block paving and decking, contents include a solid plastic brush head with stainless steel bristles for scrubbing applications with an integral spear point scraper for cleaning between the joints. The weeder knife features a long ā€˜Lā€™ shaped stainless steel hook blade for deep weed removal and a shallow scraper on the adjacent side, which can also be used to clear up soil and dirt between slabs. This kit is designed to be used with the FAIPATPOLE extending pole

    Faithfull Chisel End 17lb Post Hole Bar - 69in Long

    Available in-store only due to postage limitations. Post hole digging bar manufactured from high grade heat treated steel bar with one chisel point and one tamper head.

    The Contractor Pneumatic Tyre 85Ltr Heavy Duty Galvanised Wheelbarrow C/W Grips

    Available instore only* For the professional builder who wants robust, strong and durable products for the ultimate working environment.

    ALM 2-Stroke Oil One Shot - 100ml bottle

    The ALM Manufacturing OL120 One Shot Bottle is a semi-synthetic low smoke 2-stroke oil, specially formulated for garden machinery including hover mowers, grass trimmers, brushcutters, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and garden vacuums.

    Bond It Drive Alive Decking Oil - 5 Litres

    A ready-to-use nourishing oil that feeds wood and restores the natural oils lost through weathering. Provides a protective barrier against water penetration where constant weathering can cause swelling and warping. For use on untreated, previously oiled or weathered decking.

    Bond It Drive Alive Patio Sealer - 5 Litres

    A premium grade, solvent-free solution designed to protect blocks, patios and sand joints from water penetration, oil/petrol grease spillages and dirt and grime build-up. For enhancing the present colour and greatly extending the lifespan of block paving driveways or paths and patios.

    Bond It Brick & Patio Cleaner - 5 Litres

    Will remove cement and mortar splashes, grime, oil, grease and other difficult-to-remove stains, from brickwork, patios, garages, paving, concrete floors and warehouses.

    Bond It Drive Alive Indian Sandstone Sealer - 5 Litres

    A solvent-free, advanced Fluoro polymer based formulation used to seal and protect patios particularly for high quality natural stone. Gives a high level of protection against water and oil penetration.

    Bond It Drive Alive Decking Cleaner - 5 Litres

    A specially formulated cleaner to revive weathered and tired hardwood and softwood timber decking.