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    Faithfull Electric Chainsaw Sharpener 85W 240V

    Faithfull Power Plus Electric Chainsaw Sharpener - No need to replace your chainsaw chain or send it away to be sharpened. The Faithfull electric chainsaw sharpener restores blunt chainsaw blades quickly and efficiently with no more tedious filing. The chainsaw sharpener is easy to set up and easy to use. It will sharpen chains from both electric and petrol chainsaws of various sizes.

    Batavia 18V One-Handed Nexxsaw Chainsaw with a 2.0Ah Li-Ion Battery

    The Batavia 18V One-Handed Nexxsaw Chainsaw is ideal for pruning. Its head can be rotated between 0°-32°. Use the 0° straight setting when you are working above your head, pruning higher branches. The 32° is perfect for when you are working in front of you, sawing downwards.
    £143.99 £100.00