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    HB42 Ultimate Sealant - 290ml

    HB42 Ultimate ‘All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive Seals, Sticks & Fills. *Available in Black, Brown, Grey, White, Clear and Invisible*

    HB42 Ultimate Waterproof Sealant - 6kg

    Using MS Hybrid Polymer technology,  HB42 Ultimate Waterproofer creates the perfect waterproof membrane that is highly elastic, self-levelling, non-brittle, and has gap filling properties suitable for all kinds of waterproofing repairs inside and out.

    HB42 Ultimate Silicone - 310ml

    A premium quality, high gloss, professional finish to all bathrooms and wet rooms. *Available in Clear & White*

    Bond It Flash Mate Lead Sealant - 310ml

    A fast skinning roofing sealant that reduces weather ingression, tile lift and noise. Tough, resilient and compatible with lead.

    Bond It Lami-Mate Flooring Sealant Light Oak - 310ml

    A polymer enhanced, flexible sealant and gap-filler designed for sealing all tongue and groove laminate and hardwood flooring and for sealing around timber windows and door frames.

    Bond It Roof Mate Gutter And Roofing Sealant - 310ml

    A polymerically reinforced lap jointing sealant and adhesive used to prevent leaks in gutters and downpipes. Forms a flexible seal.

    Bond It Squeezy Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant

    A high quality, water-based sealant with good adhesion to plastic, ceramic tiles and porcelain. Remains permanently flexible and forms a watertight seal to most surfaces.

    HB42 Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive- Eco Foil 400ml - Black/White

    HB42 ’All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive is the ultimate answer to sealing, fixing and filling. All-in-One, seals, sticks and fills – designed to meet the complex demands of the construction industry.

    Bond It 4 Piece Seal Applicator Tool Set

    A handy tool kit for the smoothing and finishing of mastic sealants, both internally and externally. Use to create recessed joints, perfectly flush joints and tidy fillet sealant joints with any type of mastic sealant.

    Bond It Drive Alive Clear Coat Block Paving Sealer

    A ready to use, clear sealant for block paving, paths and drive ways. Protects from water penetration, staining and dirt/grime build-up. Will enhance present colour and extend the lifespan of the treated surface.

    Bond It WP100 High Grade Sealant

    A high grade LMN silicone for perimeter sealing of external door and window frames. Rapid curing with good adhesion properties and additional uPVC adhesion promoters.

    Bond It Debond Silicone Cleaner - 125ml

    A non-drip gel formula for the complete removal of cured silicone sealant, particularly when silicone has been accidentally smeared over glass, ceramics or counter tops.