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    Faithfull 100mm Dusting Brush

    A professional soft bristle brush with a wooden handle. Clears dust and dirt prior to painting.

    Faithfull Soft Grip 4 In 1 Decorators Tool

    A multi-purpose decorating tool with stainless steel blade for long life and resistance to corrosion. The soft-grip handle provides greater comfort. It features a metal end cap that can be used to knock back protruding nails. Blade width: 60mm

    Faithfull 100mm Masonry Wall Brush

    Suitable for use on smooth or rough surfaces, can be used with all types of masonry paint. Long length, hard wearing synthetic and natural bristle mix with a yellow easy-clean plastic handle.

    Faithfull 100mm Shed & Fence Brush

    Traditional style 100mm woodcare brush. Long length, hard wearing synthetic and natural bristle mix with a blue easy-clean plastic handle.

    Faithfull 125mm / 5" Wall Brush

    A flat 127mm wide brush for painting walls, pasting and plastering applications. The synthetic bristles are bonded using top quality resin to avoid any shedding. The comfortable wooden handle is fitted with a rustproof stainless steel ferrule.

    Faithfull Plasterers Scratching Tool

    The wire prongs are used for scratching the first coat of plaster to provide a key which ensures the proper adhesion of the second or finishing coat. Seven prongs.

    Faithfull 140 x 30mm Paste Brush

    A synthetic bristle brush for applying wallpaper paste prior to hanging. 30mm thick x 140mm wide.

    Stanley Decorators Sponge

    This Stanley decorators sponge is ideal for washing down walls, decorating and household use. Made from synthetic material, it is long lasting and very absorbent.

    Faithfull Tradesman Synthetic Paint Brush

    Faithfull Tradesman synthetic filament brushes are manufactured using a 100% blend of solid round tapered filaments with a chiselled top for better performance and ease when cutting in.

    Faithfull Utility Paint Brush

    Faithfull Utility Paint Brushes are made from 100% synthetic filaments and are suitable for use with all types of paint. The brushes feature a rust-resistant stainless steel ferrule and a contoured plastic handle for greater user comfort.