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    Dupre Micafil Vermiculite Granular Insulation

    Available instore only* This product is a grade of exfoliated vermiculite having a controlled particle size distribution.

    Expansionthene Foam Joint Filler - 10m Roll (10 x 100mm)

    Expansionthene joint filler is a closed cell expanded polythene foam.

    Insulated DPC 165mm Wide Overall 100mm Insulation 10m Roll

    Insulated DPC is a thermal cavity closer designed to close the cavity around window and door reveals in conjunction with a return block, fitting between the return block and inner edge of the outer skin of brickwork.

    Universal Cavity Closer For 100 - 150mm Cavity - 2.4m Long

    Available instore only* Suitable for masonry walls, Easi-Close is a universal cavity closer, featuring a fully rigid plastic closer for a continuous insulation fill, available in 2 profiles 50mm to 100mm and 100mm to 150mm.

    Woodpecker Floormate Heavy Duty Underlay - 15m^2

    Available Instore Only* Floormate provides an excellent moisture protection, and is ideal for areas of heavy foot traffic. Made from rubber, it incorporates a foil vapour barrier and is ideal for any floating floor installation because it combines comfort, support and good sound and thermal insulation.