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    Power Drill Attachments

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    Blue Spot SDS Bit 1000mm - Set of 3

    3 piece SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bit Set, manufactured to a consistently high standard with a sandblasted finish and carbide tipped. Set of 3 1000mm SDS drill bits. Sizes : 12mm, 16mm and 24mm.

    Faithfull 11 piece SDS-Plus Drill Bit Set

    SDS-plus, ensures maximum power transmission due to its unique fluted shaft. The SDS-plus system also enables faster changing of drills using a quick release keyless chuck.

    Faithfull 3 Piece Taper Drill Set

    Taper drills are used for drilling sheet materials and will drill a hole of any size between the smallest and largest hole diameter shown below. Use of a cutting fluid is advisable.

    Faithfull Angled SDS+ Chisel Bit - 14 x 250 x 40mm

    An SDS-plus Chisel made from drop forged chrome molybdenum with a heat treated tempered edge. Molybdenum is ideally suited for chisels because of its known reputation for hardness, toughness and wear resistance.

    Faithfull Combination Auger Bit - Set of 6

    A 6 piece set of short series combination auger bits in a rugged aluminium case, for use in confined spaces. Can be used in a power drill or hand brace.

    Faithfull HSS Countersink Bit 1/2"

    High Speed Steel Rosehead 90 degree included angle Countersink, for countersinking screw holes for flush fitting of screw heads in wood, mild steel, plastics and non-ferrous metals. Can be used in both hand tools and power drills.

    Faithfull Plug Cutters - Set of 4

    Used in combination with Screwsinks to prepare perfectly sized plugs to fill counterbored holes. For best performance power drill should be held in a stand. For a perfect grain match use an offcut from the timber being plugged.

    Faithfull Pro HSS Long Series Drill Bits - Pack of 2

    Faithfull 'Professional' High Speed Steel (HSS) drill bits are manufactured from high quality M2 grade tool steel, to meet the requirements of the DIN 340 standard.

    Faithfull Round Wire Brush

    A crimped steel wire circular brush designed for light to medium-duty applications such as cleaning metal surfaces prior to welding or painting.

    Faithfull Tile & Glass Drill Bit

    Tile and Glass Drill Bits are ideal for drilling glass windows, mirrors, bottles and ceramics. They have extremely hard tungsten carbide spear tips and and should be used at low speeds whilst applying light pressure.