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    Big Wipes Heavy Duty Antibacterial Triple Pack Cleaning Wipes

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    Dual-sided scrub & clean, industrial strength,antibacterial, heavy-duty cleaning wipes with Quad Fabric, ideal for use on the toughest stains and most ingrained dirt.
    Use without water for heavy-duty cleaning of hands, tools and surfaces With the perfect fabric combination:

    Scrub face - The enhanced scrubbing power of the abrasive surface drives the powerful Big Wipes 4x4 formula deep into the dirt to speed up cleaning.
    Smooth face - The smooth face now has an absorbency of 7.93gr, which equates to a fabric absorbing quality of almost 800%
    This results in the muck being soaked up and trapped in the wipe, leaving your hands, tools and surfaces cleaner than ever.

    Exceptionally absorbent and antibacterial, use without water for exceptional cleaning of surfaces, hands and tools.
    For cleaning up spillages or residual muck from surfaces.
    The soft viscose material makes them the perfect finishing wipes to leave a job or installation looking clean and professional.

    Ideally suited for applications involving the removal of non hazardous substances where they can be disposed of in the normal waste or composted with green waste.
    Heavy Duty & Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes both contain a unique biodegradable, water-based formulation of 4x power cleansers ensuring the removal of paint,
    adhesives, oil, sealants,silicones, PU foam and general grime

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