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    Bond It Silicone Relese Spray - 500ml

    Available in-store only due to postage limitations. A clear, non-staining, non-volatile silicone lubricating oil in an aerosol can that provides a clear barrier. Excellent for lubricating machinery and moving parts against the build up of dust, hair and foreign matter and reduces squeaking.

    Bond It Contact Adhesive - 250/500ml

    A premium grade, solvent-based, neoprene adhesive with high grab and long open time to enable re-positioning. Bond It Contact Adhesive is toluene-free.

    Bond It Aerosol Spray Adhesive - 500ml

    Available Instore Only* A non-chlorinated, exceptionally powerful, long lasting, multi-purpose adhesive in a can. Gives exceptionally strong adhesion for a wide range of demanding uses. Fitted with a variable discharge spray that controls the width of the fan. DCM Free.

    Bond It Skeleton Applicator Gun - 400ml

    An economy extruder gun for use with cartridge products. All guns have an hexagonal drive bar for improved control and an anti-drip release feature.

    Bond It Self Adhesive Flashing Tape

    Crease resistant, lead coloured, self-adhesive flashing tape for general repairs and sealing. Designed for use as flashing on flat and pitched roofs, on parapets and chimney stacks.