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    Faithfull 3-in-1 Detector Stud, Metal and Live Wire

    Manufacturer: Faithfull Tools
    This versatile advanced electronic detector helps avoid costly mistakes caused by drilling into concealed power cables, gas or water pipes and removes any guesswork when securing fixtures, hanging pictures or fitting shelving by pinpointing a solid base for fixing.
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    The detector can be used to detect and locate wooded studwork, metal and AC voltage, providing a clear indication of concealed objects using the LED and buzzer indicator system. A marking groove is also provided at the top of the detector so that the surface can be marked prior to any drilling, nailing or screwdriving.

    Finds wood and metal studs.
    Finds and identifies a stud centre.
    Finds AC voltage and scan to trace live cables.
    Metal scanning to find, nails, pipes, rebar and other hidden metal objects.
    LED and buzzer Indicators.
    9V 6F22 Alkaline battery included.

    This detector may be used to carry out the following operations:
    Detect metal pipes in concrete, behind ceilings, floors and walls.
    Detect wooden studwork behind ceilings and walls.
    Detect electrical box, exhaust vent, conduit, rebar, and ducting.
    Detect and trace live cable behind ceilings, floors and walls.

    Approximate detection depths:
    Stud mode: Wood stud of 30x30mm: ≤14mm.
    Metal mode: Iron pipe of dia. 25mm: ≤25mm.
    AC mode: Typical depth of 50mm for 90-250V at 50-60Hz.

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