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    Faithfull 4 Piece Professional Stripping & Filling Set

    Manufacturer: Faithfull Tools
    The Faithfull 4 Piece Professional Stripping & Filling Set. Faithfull filling knives and scrapers have a metal through which extends the full length of the handle, providing rigidity throughout. This allows the user to exert as much pressure as necessary without risk of damaging the blade or surface. The blade is rust-resistant stainless steel and is secured to the handle by brass rivets to ensure a secure fit.
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    Consists of four top quality wooden handled professional decorating cutlery. It includes the most popular tools for stripping and filling tasks; two Filling Knives – 1in (25mm) and 2in (50mm), and two Scrapers – 3in (75mm) and 4in (100mm).

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