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    ForgeFix Organiser Pro Multi-Purpose Screws ZYP - 1100 Screws

    Manufacturer: ForgeFix
    The Forgefix OPMPS1100 assorted screw pack contains 1100 of the most popular sizes of single thread countersunk pozi screws.
    SKU: FORF1100
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    They have a yellow zinc passivated finish for added corrosion resistance and are ideal for use in chipboard, softwood, hardwood and fibreboard. The countersunk head is designed to sink flush with substrates to leave a smooth surface finish. They have single threads, designed to offer higher pull out values and quicker insertion. Used in numerous ironmongery, joinery, electrical and plumbing applications. Supplied in a handy organiser case for easy transportation.

    The kit contains: -

    120 x 3.5x25mm
    190 x 3.5x30mm
    130 x 4x20mm
    190 x 4x25mm
    150 x 4x30mm
    110 x 4x40mm
    80 x 4x50mm
    60 x 5x50mm
    70 x 5x70mm
    2 x Pozi screwdriver bits

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