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    Irwin Construction Mitre Circular Saw Blade 250 x 30mm x 80T ATB/Neg

    Manufacturer: Irwin
    The Irwin Construction Table & Mitre Circular Saw Blade with welded carbide teeth for a stronger tooth bond and longer life. The ultra compact carbide is up to 70% tougher than standard carbide for superior sharpness and cut quality.
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    The blades have innovative heat vents and a fully hardened plate that runs truer for longer and with more accuracy. They have an alternate top bevel (ATB) tooth grind for cross-cutting and ripping in all woods.

    The IRWIN Construction Mitre Circular Saw Blade has the following specifications:

    Blade Diameter: 250mm.
    Bore: 30mm.
    Teeth: 80.
    Kerf Thickness: 2.8mm.
    Tooth Config: ATB/Neg.
    Machine: Mitre.


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