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    Irwin Standard Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)

    Manufacturer: Irwin
    The Irwin Standard Pocket Tape has a high-grade acrylic coated steel blade with both metric and imperial graduations. The acrylic coating helps to reduce reflection when reading.
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    The traditional metallic hook is affixed with 2 rivets for added strength and the blade itself can stand-out to a very impressive length*, handy when working alone or taking long measurements.

    The ProTouch™ ergonomic case provides a soft, comfortable grip and the blade can be kept firmly in place by the conventional slide blade locking device. A great all-round tape measure suitable for countless applications.

    *Blade stand-out length varies, depending on overall length of blade.

    This Irwin Standard Pocket Tape has metric and imperial graduations.

    Blade Length: 5m/16ft
    Blade Width: 19mm
    Standout: 1.8m/6ft

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