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    Lighthouse Elite Boost Torch - Rechargeable 2000 Lumens

    Manufacturer: Lighthouse
    The Lighthouse Elite Rechargeable Boost Torch provides a strong 1000 lumen spotlight beam that can be boosted to a powerful 2000 lumens when holding down the power button for a brief period.
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    It also features a COB LED floodlight that produces 500 lumens of light and can also be set to emit 100 for a longer runtime.

    As well as the boost setting the spotlight has three settings of High, Low and Strobe, whilst the floodlight has two settings of High and Low.

    The magnetic base and metal clip can be attached to several surfaces to aid with hands free use and the battery has a long run time of up to 10 hours.

    Output Settings
    Boost (Spot) - Strong solid white light (2000 lumens for 45s)
    High (Spot) - Solid white light (1000 lumens)
    Low (Spot) - Dimmed white light (200 lumens)

    Strobe (Spot) - Flashing white light (1000 lumens)
    High (Flood) - Solid white light (500 lumens)
    Low (Flood) - Dimmed white light (100 lumens)


    Brightness Up to 2000 lumens
    Run time Up to 10 hours
    Beam distance UP to 240 metres
    Light source LED Spotlight/COB LED Floodlight
    Battery 3.7v Li-ion 2000mAh (7.4wh)
    Charge time Variable up to 6 hours
    Water resistant IP44
    Impact resistant 1 metre
    Weight 141g
    Dimensions 125 x 26 x 21mm
    Supplied with USB-C charging lead
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