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    Makita Clean Cut Wood Jigsaw Blades (5 Pack) A-85634

    Manufacturer: Makita
    For fast finish work in wood and plastics. Clean cut.
    SKU: A-85634
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    • Symmetrical head-geometry with centring-tip for optimised results in the event of reinforcement.
    • Application: Woodworking. Jigsaws. Joinery. Cabinet making
    • Features: Fine teeth setting for clean cut in wood or plastics
    • This very popular blade presents a superb balance of cutting speed and finish quality
    • Tooth Type/Set: Ground and Taper Ground Teeth
    • ID Code: B-11
    Pack Quantity - 5
    Overall Length - 75 mm
    Plywood - 3 - 60
    Plastics - 3 - 60 mm
    Teeth per Inch - 9
    Shank - Universal
    Tooth Spacing - 2.8 mm
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