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    Masterlock 10 Pack Twin Wire Bungee Organiser

    Manufacturer: Master Lock
    The reverse twin wire hook offer twice the strength of an ordinary bungee and our rounded hook end eliminates the risk of scratching. Reverse hook bends away allowing more room to attach. Two wires in our hook offer twice the strength of others. Our rounded hook end eliminates risk of scratching.
    SKU: MLK3043E
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    Contains: 6 x 45cm, 4 x 60cm, 3 x 80cm and 2 x 100cm bungees.

    Pack of 10 bungees with a diameter of 9.5mm and a resistance limit of 54kg.

    2 x 25cm + 2 x 45cm + 2 x 60cm + 2 x 80cm + 2 x 100cm

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