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    Masterplug 4 Socket 13A Open Cable Reel 50 Metres

    Manufacturer: MasterPlug
    This robust cable reel in blue with four sockets enables various appliances to be connected. Available with 50 metres of cable, the 13 amp extension cable can also be easily retracted using the wind handle for added convenience. This tough, robust design is practical with a strong steel frame that allows the reel to stand up.
    SKU: HDCC5013/4BL
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    • Four Sockets - allows you to connect four items safely into one outlet
    • Socket Safety Shutters - prevents the insertion of foreign objects
    • Robust Design - ideal for home, DIY and light commercial use
    • Fifty Metres of Cable - to extend the reach of the socket
    • Safety Thermal Cut-Out - prevents overheating if reel is overloaded when not fully unreeled
    • Carry Handle - allows for easy transportation
    • Drum Wind Handle - making retracting the cable after use easy
    • Trusted Quality - Manufactured and certified to BS 61242
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