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    Masterplug PRO-XT 25m 4 Gang Extension Reel

    Manufacturer: MasterPlug
    Lightweight and sturdy, this portable open reel, with 25 metres of cable is designed for heavy duty applications.
    SKU: OMU25134SL-PX
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    • ERGONOMIC HANDLE GRIP - a two-tone superior handle grip, for comfort and longevity
    • PULL-OUT DRUM HANDLE - quickly wind in the cable at the end of each use
    • LOCALISED POWER SWITCH - control the power where you are working
    • TWENTY-FIVE METRES OF CABLE - to extend the reach of the socket
    • INTEGRATED CABLE GUIDE - cable guide reduces tangles and speeds up winding in
    • ROBUST BUILD - designed and engineered for durability and longevity
    • THMERAL CUT-OUT - prevents the cable overheating when fully reeled and allows you to reset if cut-out occurs
    • HIGH VISIBILITY CABLE - high visibility ensures against tripping hazard and cable cut through
    • POWER LED INDICATOR - LED indicator shows that power is live
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