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    Roughneck Tools

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    Roughneck Demolition & Lifting Bar 92.5cm (37in)

    The Roughneck Demolition & Lifting Bar increases safety, reducing the chance of injury. Ideal for lifting floorboards, removing ceiling boards, breaking pallets, removing roofing laths, lifting heavy objects and all types of demolition work.

    Roughneck Door & Board Lifting Tool

    A clever design which enables you to lift, swivel and position with one foot. Ideal for use on doors, large panels or boards. It is of robust construction and has a non-slip foot pad. Working load: 75kg (165lb).

    Roughneck Pallet Buster

    The Roughneck Pallet Buster is ideal for demolishing all types of pallets. Its basic functions are based on the very popular and best-selling Demolition & Lifting Bar but with a number of major improvements.

    Roughneck Roofing, Demolition & Lifting Bar 47.5cm (18.3/4in)

    The Roughneck Roofing Demolition & Lifting Bar is ideal when working overhead, such as taking down ceilings, ripping off roof laths and working in confined spaces.

    Roughneck Digging Spade

    Available Instore Only* The Roughneck® Digging Spade is ideal for various gardening, landscaping and building applications.