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    Sealey Battery Monitor Sensor & Vehicle Finder

    Manufacturer: Sealey
    SKU: BT2020
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    • DISPLAYS REAL-TIME - Battery power, voltage and temperature.
    • WIRELESS CONNECTION - With a dedicated app which supports up to four devices (iOS and Android compatible)
    • GUIDE THE USER BACK TO THE VEHICLE - By automatically recording the last parking location.
    • RECORD - Each trip's route, cost and driving habits, which can be exported to Excel.
    • AUTOMATICALLY MONITOR - The starting and charging system of the vehicle and notify if abnormal.
    • COMPATIBLE - With most batteries, including lead sealed, AGM and Gel.
    • SUPPORTS - Up to four devices.
    • STORES HISTORICAL DATA - In the device for up to 30 days.


    Nett Weight: 0.02kg

    Average Current: 1.5mA

    Waterproof: IP67

    Input Voltage: 6-20V

    Short Circuit Protection- Built-in

    Voltage Accuracy(9-16V) ±0.03V

    Reverse Connection Protection - Built-in

    Operating Temperature: -20 - 40°C

    Physical Dimensions 55 x 41 x 12.5mm

    Voltage Range: 6-20V

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