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    Trend 1/2in TCT Two Flute Straight Worktop Router Cutter 12.7mm x 50mm

    Ideal for general purpose trimming & mortising, and for use with Trend Worktop Jigs for cutting worktop joints, bolt recesses and sink/hob apertures in laminated chipboard and solid timber.
    SKU: BR01X1/2TC
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    • Tungsten Carbide Tipped 1.5mm micro-granular tips for long cutter life. ​
    • Ground Tip Face polished to 400-grit ensures accurate cutting.​
    • Ground Bottom Clearance for optimum waste removal
    • Safety K-Mark indicates the correct cutter shank position for maximum collet grip to prevent accidental cutter ejection. ​
    • EN Shank Markings are etched on the shank for easily readable cutter and safety information.​
    • Plastic Storage Container for maximum protection


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