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    Coreplus AC230E Elite All Cut Multi-Material Diamond Blade 230mm

    Manufacturer: CorePlus
    The CorePlus Elite All Cut Multi-Material Diamond Blade delivers Elite Endurance and Elite Performance in a diverse range of applications. Easily rises to the challenge and wins in all situations.
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    A precision-engineered, hardened, high-grade 65Mn manganese steel tensioned core ensures the blade runs true, whilst double laser welding technology reduces the risk of damaged segments. The alternating segment structure creates an efficient waste material release for a smooth cut with blistering speed and a fluid feel. The segments have the maximum concentration of ultra-grade nano and micro cube-octahedron diamond crystals meshed within the metal matrix bond. It also features a state-of-the-art, metallurgically engineered, high-performance and long-life bond formulation that ensures maximum durability and lifetime.

    Manufactured to EN 13236 quality standard. oSa® certified to the highest level of quality and tested safety.

    The CorePlus AC230E Elite All Cut Multi-Material Diamond Blade has the following specification:

    Diameter: 230mm
    Bore: 22.23mm
    Segment Height: 12mm
    Segment Width: 2.6mm

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