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    Roughneck Adjustable Gorilla Bar 356mm / 14in

    Manufacturer: Roughneck Tools
    Roughneck® Adjustable Gorilla Bars - Optimal Angle, Maximum Leverage. The adjustable claw with 180ᵒ rotation enables the optimal angle for maximum leverage at all times. Easy adjusted by the push button which locks in up to 10 different positions.
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    The legendary Roughneck Gorilla Bar is arguably the finest wrecking bar on the market. Drop forged and heat treated for exceptional strength and durability, oval profile further enhances structural strength and offers enhanced grip and comfort.

    Wide low profile jaws for easier penetration and more effective prying. Powder coated finish and polished tips offer greater resistance to corrosion.

    With bevelled nail remover for prying embedded nails and chisel end for breaking up concrete and brick.


    • Optimal Angle. Maximum Leverage.

    • 180ᵒ rotation

    • Push button adjustment

    • Low profile

    • Wide claw

    • Polished tips

    • Nail remover

    • Heat treated

    • Drop forged

    • Powder coated

    • Oval Profile

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