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    Roughneck Dual-pivot Post Hole Digger 115mm (4.1/2in)

    Manufacturer: Roughneck Tools
    Available in store only due to postage limitations. The Roughneck Dual-pivot Post Hole Digger has been designed for digging extra deep and narrow holes.
    SKU: ROU68265
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    Due to the dual-pivoting action, the operation is opposite to traditional post hole diggers as the handles are pushed together to close the jaws. This enables deep narrow holes to be dug resulting in less concrete required to backfill.

    Offset tubular steel handles with ergonomic soft grips offer increased leverage. Whilst industrial grade, hardened steel blades ensure strength and durability.


    Bucket: Depth: 270mm (11in), Diameter: 115mm (4.1/2in)
    Handle Length: 1.50m (59in)

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