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    Timloc Rigid Top Hat collar - 110mm

    Manufacturer: Timloc
    Top hats for sealing to a gas barrier and at the intersection of pipe projections, available in sizes from 55mm to 160mm. Compliant with Building Regulation Approved Documents C1 and C2.
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    Common applications are for soil and service pipes passing vertically via a gas barrier or membrane to maintain a continuous seal. Top hats are suitable for installation at ceiling level for pipe protrusions to assist in reducing air leakage. All jubilee clips are supplied separate to top hat units.


    • In areas outlined in BRE document ‘Radon’ guidance on protective measures in new dwellings
    • When gas protection is required across the footprint of the building
    • Crossing cavity wall constructions to maintain gas barrier integrity
    • Forming internal perimeter trays to allow membranes continuity
    • Collars for service pipe protrusions
    • Following a risk assessment where the requirement is for a good gas protection measure against Radon, Co2, Methane and Hydrocarbon
    • To be designed and installed in a continuous system around the whole building perimeter
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